White Owl, Wise Choice


White Owl is an oilfield service company providing oilfield processing and disposal services from its expanding network of water disposal and oilfield processing, recovery, and disposal facilities in North Dakota and Alberta.

White Owl operates four Class 2 salt water disposal facilities (SWD’S) in North Dakota; and one oil pipeline connected processing and disposal facility at Clairmont in the Grande Prairie region of Alberta.

Bakken North Dakota  

  • Epping SWD

  • New Town SWD

  • Ross SWD

  • Watford City SWD

  • Tioga SWD

Montney Alberta

  • Clairmont Full Service Terminal

The North Dakota facilities currently provide Class 2 water disposal services commonly known as salt water disposal, which includes production and “flow back” fluids.  In the future, facilities will be expanded to handle the full range of oilfield disposal services. White Owl has several projects at different stages of development throughout the Bakken play in North Dakota. 

White Owl operates an oilfield treatment and disposal plant at Clairmont, Alberta. The plant combines treating, crude oil blending at the terminal with access to the Pembina Pipeline regional system. The plant is located at LSD 01-09-073-05W6M.

White Owl is currently assessing opportunities in other markets as well, but the initial focus is on building a strong and profitable platform in North Dakota and Alberta.