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The Company currently provides oilfield processing and disposal services in North Dakota and Alberta. The Company in North Dakota provides Class 2 water disposal services from four SWD’s in North Dakota, located at Tioga, Ross, Watford City and New Town.  In the future we plan to develop a network of facilities that treat, process, recover, and dispose of the full range of oil and gas waste streams.  These facilities will process all types of oil and gas wastes in an efficient, convenient, and environmentally sustainable manner using a combination of processing technology, heat, time, and pressure to separate these waste streams into three components; water, solids, and oil.

The facilities at Tioga, Ross, Watford City and New Town can receive the following oilfield waste streams:

  • Produced water from oil and gas operations

  • Workover, completion, and stimulation fluids recovered from production, injection, and exploratory wells, i.e. “flow back”

  • Enhanced recovery waters including fresh water

  • Brine reject from enhanced recovery operations

The plant processes employed include filtering of water to remove solids, separation of the oil through a skimming process and deep well injection of the water.  The oil recovered is treated to meet sale specifications and delivered to the nearest pipeline terminal for shipping.

White Owl’s disposal locations are situated in and around major producing fields.  White Owl has a keen interest in quick turnaround times and our Ross Facility features industry leading unload times, averaging 12 minutes to unload a truck.  Unload times are also being improved at our Watford City and New Town facilities.

In Alberta, the Clairmont Plant combines treating, crude oil blending and crude oil terminal service with access to Pembina Pipeline Corporation’s regional pipeline system (the “Pembina Pipeline”). At the plant, Class 2 water disposal is currently available on a limited bases, and White Owl plans to convert as many as five suspended oil wells to specifically deal with the demand for Class 2 and Class 1B water disposal. The Clairmont Facility is located at LSD 01-09-073-05W6M and is White Owl's first clean oil terminal and treating, blending and water disposal facility in western Canada.

Clairmont Full Service Terminal, Grande Prairie, AB

Clairmont Full Service Terminal, Grande Prairie, AB